Online Academy

If you are looking for in depth equipping to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ and impact the world, good news! The  Full Speed Impact Academy is just what you’re looking for. This self-paced, online training combines video based Biblical teaching, practical discussion, real life demonstration, and personal mentoring sessions with Andy Hayner.

Module 1–  FOUNDATIONS FOR FULLNESS. Spiritual Revelation of Jesus Christ, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ God,  Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Personal Transformation, Emotional Freedom, and experiencing continuous fellowship with God

Module 2FOUNDATIONS FOR POWER. Healing the Sick, Casting Out Demons, Signs and Wonders in the Marketplace, Kingdom Lifestyle, the Power of Your Testimonies

Module 3VICTORY OVER DARKNESS & HEARING GOD. Hearing from God, Prophetic Ministry, Reaching the Unchurched, Operation of Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Authority, Overcoming Resistance to Christ

Module 4LAUNCHING NEW MOVES OF GOD. Launching New Moves of God, Making Disciples who Multiply, Rediscovering Church,  Christ-like Leadership

Module 5ACCELERATING & SUSTAINING GOD’S MOVE. The New Covenant vs. Old Covenant, Avoiding Pitfalls in Ministry, Kingdom Finances, Kingdom Family, the Finished Work of the Cross, Spiritual Discernment, Kingdom Relationships, Sacrifice and Suffering for the Gospel, Exploring the Depths of Jesus Christ.

To learn more or to enroll, go to the Full Speed Impact Academy.