Need Healing?

Healing To date we’ve seen Jesus Christ heal almost every disease and affliction imaginable through our ministry, including: diabetes, “terminal” stage 4 cancer, Cerebral Palsy, broken bones, stomach blockage, krone’s disease, paralysis, Lyme’s disease, arthritis, C.O.P.D., P.T.S.D., tooth/jaw pain, arthritis, new joints, titanium implants miraculously “dissolved”, short legs lengthened, strep throat, deaf ears… and MORE! To Jesus Christ be all the glory! If you would like ministry for healing, you may call 608-515-3529 or email me at We continually see consistent healings by the power and love of Jesus Christ… even over the phone! Freely we have received, so freely we give.

We believe God wants you well. His word tells us that He “forgives all our iniquity and heals all our diseases.” Psalm 103:3. God has chosen to give regular believers like us the responsibility, authority, and power to heal the sick. We don’t quit until we see results!

We would be happy to minister to you over the phone, by skype, or in person by appointment.