Practices Regarding Healing

1. We do not blame the sick person or their family for their illness or failure to be healed. We take responsibility to heal the sick in Jesus’ Name.

2. We don’t dig into anyone’s past to find “sins” or “generational curses”. We don’t need to find out why people are captive to set them free by the work of the cross, the authority of the Kingdom, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

3. Divine healing is the right and responsibility of every Christian. God will use any believer to heal the sick.

4. All sickness and disease is a work of the enemy and is to be defeated whenever and wherever they are encountered.

5. God is not our problem. He’s our help. It’s always God’s will to heal. Any hindrance to healing is not of God.

6. Any sickness or disease can be overcome by a Christian through exercising faith and power. Nothing is impossible with God. All things are possible to the one who believes.

7. People without faith for healing can be healed by a Christian exercising Kingdom authority.

8. Signs and wonders do not authenticate every aspects of a person’s life or teaching. They are signs of the reality of the Kingdom. We do not lift up any human, nor blindly follow any human.

9. We do not “blend” extra-Biblical teachings that contradict Biblical principles. We follow the teaching and examples of Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the New Testament saints.

10. We don’t comment concerning your use of medical treatment. There is no pill large enough to stop God’s power to heal. Parents or guardians should never deny medical care to a child if it is necessary.