Team Avalanche

Full Speed Impact is a proud partner with Team Avalanche, a global ministry dedicated to mobilizing believers to heal birth defects in Jesus’ Name. Founded and directed by Margaret Weishuhn, Team Avalanche is a global movement of believers who are rising up to apply the finished work of Jesus Christ to birth defects. I have partnered with Margaret and parents from this amazing team to release a groundbreaking book, God Heals Birth Defects, featuring testimonies from these parents from around the world. Margaret has also released a companion devotional, Pep Talks for Mountain Movers, that features 40 daily devotions for parents who are healing birth defects by faith.

If you are the parent or grandparent of a child born afflicted with birth defects and would like to join Team Avalanche to heal birth defects by faith, you can!  The pathway to connecting with Team Avalanche is as follows:

  1. Read God Heals Birth Defects
  2. Complete the Divine Healing Training (see the playlist under Healing the Sick)
  3. Enroll in and complete the Personal Foundations for Team Avalanche Mentoring Class


You can follow the Team Avalanche blog HERE find additional resources related to this topic HERETeamAvalanche.