“Power Kick” Street Mentoring

chuck_norris_roundhouse_kick If you are someone who believes in Jesus Christ but are not confident to approach strangers so that you regular see people get healed, saved, and rocked with the reality of God… you need a POWER-KICK! A POWER-KICK is a hands on mentoring experience in which an experienced coach takes you out with them on the streets to kick-start the power of Jesus Christ in you so that you can heal the sick and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

If you’d like to set up a POWER-KICK in your area, please contact me at FullSpeedAndy@gmail.com

Check out some of the awesome testimonies that people have experienced from going out on a POWER KICK!


The Kingdom Power Immersion Camp incorporated “Power Kick” type outreaches at the Iowa State Fair. In 10 days, well over 1,000 people were saved, 100s were healed, and many were baptized in the Holy Spirit as we released the power and love of God with prophesy, healings, and the gospel.