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amazing_healing_enco_cover_for_kindleAMAZING HEALING ENCOUNTERS- Real Life Miracles and the Lessons they Taught Me
This collection of real life accounts of modern day miracles will inspire your faith and take your walk with Jesus to another level. Every chapter is a fresh adventure into the supernatural. These true stories have been selected, not only to share the testimony of God’s goodness, but also to convey key principles of Kingdom living that will give you a greater sense of confidence.

In this book, you’ll find:
* Short, readable chapters, each one containing a new story.
* First-hand accounts of miracles from the author’s personal experience
* Healing miracles of all kinds that will inspire bold faith
* A discipleship resource that is perfect for all ages and maturity levels.
(Who doesn’t like a great story after all?)
* Practical examples of how to advance the Kingdom of God with
compassion, grace, and boldness in today’s world.

Whether you are a brand new believer hoping to learn how to walk like Jesus or a “seasoned veteran” wanting some fresh inspiration, this book will be a valuable resource to read and to pass on to others.

Amazing Healing Encounters-Paperback Direct Purchase

KINDLE- Amazing Healing Encounters

The Christian life isn’t a religious self-improvement program. It’s God’s way to make you brand new through Jesus Christ! What if you could experience Jesus’ relationship with the Father as your relationship with God? You can! This is the message that transformed the world- God has made sinners His Sons and come to live inside you here and now… forever! When you discover your life in Christ, you can walk like a son of God. Stop struggling. Learn who you are in Christ and you will be launched into a life of freedom, power, and love.
In this book you will:
* Experience the Love of your heavenly Father (even if your earthly father was not nice to you)
* Gaze upon eternal realities through God’s eyes
* Break the power of negative past experiences in your life
* Unleash the power and joy of Christ in your life
* Tap into a lifetime supply of intimate revelation from the Holy Spirit
* Discover how to walk in consistent spiritual victory and impact the world around you
* Understand simple and practical ways to experience the depths of Jesus Christ in your daily life
Whether you are new believer ready to drop your baggage, or a mature believer ready to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ, this book is for you.

Your Place in the Son-Paperback Direct Purchase
KINDLE- Your Place in the Son


The Your Place in the Son Interactive Training Manual is a powerful resource to enable any believer to establish deep roots in Christ and to help others to do the same! It’s a flexible tool that is designed to be used in small groups, LifeTeams, and discipleship relationships. You’ll learn for yourself, through interactive, inductive Bible studies and life-changing practical activation exercises, how to experience your union with Jesus Christ and break free from the power of the flesh, the past, and the devil. This is a great resource to transform your life and impact the world around you using this simple tool.

Your Place in the Son Interactive Training Manual- Paperback Direct

UNLEASH THE AWESOME! Foundations for an Amazing Life in Christ for STUDENTS and BEGINNERSFront Cover
You were never meant to be normal. God created you to be AMAZING! This interactive guide is easy to understand, designed with students and beginners in mind. Yet is will be an encouragement to any believer who wants to lay a solid foundation to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ.

In this book, you will learn:
* How God sees you through Jesus Christ
* How to experience intimacy with God
* How to experience the power of God’s Spirit
* How to break free from the past and walk in spiritual victory
* How to experience the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit
* How to walk in supernatural love and impact the world
* How to know the will of God
* How to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit

When you receive Jesus Christ, you get everything you need for an amazing life. Now is the time to UNLEASH THE AWESOME!

Unleash the Awesome!- Paperback Direct Purchase
Kindle- Unleash the Awesome!

IMMERSED INTO GODimmersed into God display mock up transparent
The book, Immersed into God, will ground you in your identity and will help you activate an entire arsenal of ways to release the power of the Spirit. Get rooted in your identity in Christ and get equipped to walk in His power to impact the world around you! Filled with examples, Biblical insights, and practical coaching, you will learn to experience God’s power in your own life and to release His power to others by healing the sick, prophetic evangelism, sharing your testimonies, casting out demons, experiencing and ministering the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and launching new moves of God. This covers it all and is Andy’s most comprehensive work.

Kindle-Immersed Into God

Immersed into God- Paperback Direct Purchase

The Immersed into God Interactive Training Manual is a powerful tool to learn the life-changing content of Immersed into God in small groups, LifeTeams, and discipleship relationships. You’ll learn for yourself through interactive, inductive Bible studies and life-changing practical activation exercises.
The perfect resource for raising up supernatural disciples of Jesus Christ!
Immersed into God INTERACTIVE TRAINING MANUAL- Paperback Direct Purchase


 SPIRIT CRYSpirit_Cry_Cover_for_Kindle
Spirit Cry is a powerful devotional tool that will revolutionize your personal experience of God by adding incredible depth, insight, and power to your personal fellowship with God. You will begin to speak and hear from the Spirit of God within you as you learn to take the very Words of God in the Scriptures to make them your own. Get ready to unleash your Spirit Cry!

Kindle-Spirit Cry

Spirit Cry- Paperback Direct Purchase

GOD HEALS BIRTH DEFECTSGod_Heals_Birth_Defe_Cover_Outlined
In this revolutionary book, written with Margaret Weishuhn, you will find solid Biblical truth that demonstrates beyond all doubt that God doesn’t cause birth defects— He HEALS them! This book also features testimonies from parents around the world who are seeing God heal their children from birth defects such as autism, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome.

God Heals Birth Defects- Paperback Direct

Kindle-God Heals Birth Defects

Romanian Version of God Heals Birth Defects

BornToHealFrontCoverAre you ready to unleash the power Jesus put inside you? Jesus Christ died to give you the authority and power to heal the sick. BORN TO HEAL will show you how to walk in the power and love of Jesus Christ and heal the sick as a lifestyle. Never again will you feel helpless in the face of sickness and pain. This book is packed with Biblical and practical training that will revolutionize your life!

Born to Heal- Paperback Direct

Kindle-Born to Heal

Born to Heal Interactive Training ManualBorn to Heal Interactive Training Manual
The Born to Heal Interactive Training Manual is a powerful tool to learn the life-changing content of Born to Heal in small groups through direct interaction with the Scriptures. This is perfect to use even for those who have not read Born to Heal, or can be used for those who want to  supplement and reinforce what they read in Born to Heal. It’s designed with LifeTeams, small groups, and discipleship relationships in mind. You’ll learn for yourself through interactive, inductive Bible studies and life-changing practical activation exercises. The perfect resource for raising up supernatural disciples of Jesus Christ!

Born to Heal Interactive Training Manual-Paperback Direct

Kindle-Born to Heal Interactive Training Manual


New_Creation_Activat_Cover_for_KindleThe New Creation Activation conference is mobilizing believers around the world to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ and impact the world around them. Combining solid Biblical teaching and practical activation exercises, you will learn how to:

* Experience and Grow in your Identity in Christ
* Unleash the fullness of the Holy Spirit
* Heal the Sick Like Jesus
* Hear and Speak from Heaven
* Release the Supernatural Power of Your Testimonies
* Launch New Moves of God wherever you go!

If you are ready to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ, and are looking for proven training to activate everything Jesus put inside you, this is for you!

The New Creation Activation Conference Manual- Paperback Direct


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