World Whipping Post Awareness Day

WWPADLogoWorld Whipping Post Awareness Day- Nov. 17

World Whipping Post Awareness Day- 11/17 is a day for all believers in Jesus Christ to remember “by whose stripes, we are healed” (Is. 53:4). We have selected Nov. 17th as World Whipping Post Awareness Day to issue a wake up call to the Body of Christ and a notice that the suffering of Jesus Christ at the whipping post has provided us the power and authority to set the captives free from all diseases and genetic defects.

How? In remembrance of the price that Jesus paid at the whipping post to purchase healing for our bodies from all sickness, diseases, and birth defects, we encourage you to do the following:

1) Change your FB profile picture to the World Whipping Post Awareness Day logo on Nov. 17.

2) Wear the color red

3)  Fast one meal to take this time to declare healing over those who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses or “incurable” birth defects or diseases.

4) Download a FREE copy of the Kindle version of the book God Heals Birth Defects on November 17th.

5) Share this with everyone you know

WHY Nov. 17?
This day was selected in honor of Erika Blake, born on this day to Dawn Blake and Curry Blake, general overseer of John G. Lake Ministries. The birth defect that Erika was born with sparked a quest of truth and knowledge in Biblical healing for her parents. Because of their quest, many have found freedom in bodily healing.

We stand on this same foundation of Biblical revelation and spirit of genuine compassion, honoring the price that Jesus paid to empower every believer to set the captives free.