Africa 2018
Full Speed Impact is taking a team to Kenya Africa between August 6 and August 27 2018.  We will be training leaders to make disciples who walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ as we teach and train them together.   This is a great opportunity to work alongside an experienced mentor  and be part of a team led by Andy Hayner. You’ll be part of making a powerful impact in the lives of others.

Take a look at a summary of our last trip in 2017 to get a feel for what we’ll be doing:


If you’d like more information about how you can be part of this team, go here.

India 2018
Full Speed Impact took a small team to India at the beginning of 2018. We conducted a woman’s conference, leadership training conference, preached in serveral churches, conducted evangelistic street outreaches and ministered the power of the Kingdom in several villages.  You can get a flavor for this mission in the vlogs from that trip. Here are a few samples:


East Africa 2017
Full Speed Impact took a team of 6 people to Kenya and Tanzania. In three weeks we held 4 leadership training conferences that trained close to 200 leaders to walk in the power of Jesus Christ and advance the Kingdom of God by making disciples who make disciples.  Many were saved, healed, and equipped!



India 2016
Full Speed Impact took a team of 6 people to India to mobilize believers to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ. In 3 weeks we saw hunderds healed, many come to faith in Jesus Christ and many believers activated to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ and heal the sick with results for the first time.Check out what God can do through believers who are equipped to bring the Kingdom of God!

Kenya 2015
Full Speed Impact took a team of 6 people to Kenya to mobilize the church to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ. In 21 days of ministry we saw well over 1,000 people healed instantly, 300 people profess faith in Jesus Christ, and 200 people activated to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ and heal the sick with results.

East Africa 2014
Full Speed Impact spent 3 weeks in an East African country to equip leaders in the underground church and to reach the lost in this island that is 99.7% Muslim. This video shares some of the highlights from that trip.

Winning Muslims to Jesus
Andy Hayner was the guest on “God’s Plain Truth” and invited to share about how to win Muslims to Jesus Christ

Kingdom Power Immersion Camp at the Iowa State Fair 2014
Full Speed Impact partnered together with Holy Spirit Led Ministries to lead a team of kingdom-minded believers to reach out at the Iowa State Fair, a world class fair with over 1,000,000 people attending annually. We saw well over 1,000 saved, 100s of healings, and many filled with the Holy Spirit.

Campfire Revival Camp 2014
We were invited to be guest ministers and a children’s revival camp in Wisconsin called “Camp Fire”. Many children were saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and activated to walk in God’s power. Below is a video showing how easy it is to activate believers to walk in the power of God. 10 Miracles in 1 Minute… through CHILDREN!!!

village-kids1Cambodia (2013) 99% Buddhist and one of the worst countries for child trafficking, with many of the vulnerable children trapped in a lifetime of prostitution. Andy has been invited to bring a small team to equip the churches, reach out in villages, and to impact the spiritual and material poverty in this desperate nation.  

Video Highlights from Cambodia Mission 2013

Week 1 Highlights

Week 2 Highlights

Week 3 Highlights

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