Application- Africa 2019


When? The mission team will arrive in Kenya June 20 and depart on July 9th.

How long? The entire mission is 3 weeks. If you can’t come for the entire 3 weeks, the minimum requirement is two weeks.  The majority of the team will minister for the entire 3 weeks.

Where? We will fly into Nairobi Airport, then travel to a region in western Kenya where we will minister

What will we do? We will be mobilizing believers to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ by hands on training.  We will minister as a team and conduct 3 large conferences in which we will take teams out to train believers minister the gospel with signs and wonders as a lifestyle.  Each person on the team will grow in their ability to hear from God, heal the sick, set people free and make disciples of Jesus Christ.  This is a great opportunity to get hands on coaching and to develop your own ability to make disciples who walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ.  You will be part of bringing many people to Jesus Christ and raising up leaders in a region that are effective disciple makers.

Listen to what the 2017 team had to say at the end of their trip:

How much does it cost?   The total cost of the trip is typically between $3000 and $3500 (depending on the price of your plane ticket, and your personal expenditures).  Each team member will be required to purchase their own plane ticket (in coordination with Andy, so we arrive and depart together).  Plane tickets are usually between $800 and $1500. In country expenses are $1500 for the first 2 weeks and $500 for the third week (so $2000 for 3 weeks). This covers all your expenses for the trip (in country transportation, hotel, all meals, translators, a team outing to the Masai Mara game reserve, conference costs, and ministry expenses.)  It does NOT include souvenirs or incidentals (e.g. replacing luggage, emergencies, etc.)

What are the deadlines? 
May 1- Application Submitted
May 1- $100 Deposit
May 10- Purchase Plane Ticket (in co-ordination with Andy)
June 1- All mission funds are in hand

What next? If you are interested in being part of the team, fill out and submit the application below. There is no application fee. Once I receive it and review it, I will contact you. Once you are approved, you can reserve your place on the team with a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 deposit. This deposit will be applied towards your in country expenses and serves as a token of your commitment to be part of the team, but in ensures that you are earnest in your intent to be part of the team.

Once you are part of the team, Andy will give each member of the team step by step guidance to regarding travel arrangements, securing your visa, packing suggestions, and personal spiritual preparation.


Thank you for your interest!