Kingdom Multipliers- Vision, Values, and Tactics

Vision– Putting the light of Jesus Christ on display in every dark corner of Nashville by mobilized believers who are transformed into their identity in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, connected in love, and moved by compassion.

Mission– Mobilizing every believer to be a transformed disciple-maker, connected in love to take the gospel to every person and to be the church in every place.


  • Strong in the Word and Spirit–  We don’t just study the Word. We do God’s Word in the power of God’s Spirit. We love the Word of God and the Holy Spirit who writes that same Word on our hearts to make us living letters. We recognize the Holy Spirit by the Word, and embrace all He does in the Scriptures for our lives today.
  • De-centralized Ministry through Every Believer– We equip every believer to be an effective a ambassador for Christ, and a fully empowered disciple-maker. We aren’t trying to bring the world to church. We are going into all the world. We aren’t trying to gather spectators or to be super stars. We are servants mobilizing disciple-makers.
  • Multiplying Christ-centered Communities. We don’t live individualistically. We connect relationally to share the life and mission of Christ together. We keep ministry simple, relational, and Christ-centered.
  • Christ-centered Understanding and Transformation– We aren’t chasing our best life now. We pursue Christ’s life now, that He may be formed in us and displayed through us in every situation. Jesus is the Word made flesh, our clearest picture of the fullness of the Father, and the full display of the life He lives in us today. We are being transformed into His image as we evaluate everything, not by our traditions or personal experiences, but according to Christ.  We don’t change Him. We are letting Him change us to be like Him.
  • Engaging the community through wholistic Kingdom Mission– We don’t sit back and wait for God to move. God moves through us. We maximize every opportunity to bring His Kingdom into the whole world, especially to the last, the lost, and the least. We value every believer as a minister of the gospel, a maker of disciples, and empowered priests in Christ’s body. We embrace our vocations as our part of our calling represent Jesus in this world.  We champion all that God wants to do through one another.
  • Christ-centered Freedom, Harmony, and Unity– We don’t do manipulation, pressure, and control. We honor the freedom we have in Christ as we support one another in our pursuit of holiness before God and harmony with one another. We major on the majors and minor on the minors to give one another the respect and support we would want for ourselves as we grow together in Christ. We may play different notes, but through Christ we harmonize.
  • Passionate love for Jesus expressed in whole-hearted redeeming love for people Spiritual maturity is not measured in faithful attendance, Bible knowledge, or rigid rule-keeping. We focus on keeping the fire of our hearts burning bright with flaming hot love for Jesus Christ that is expressed in sacrificial redeeming love for all people. This is more than warm fuzzy feelings during the worship service or a ministry strategy. This is laying your life down to pour out the life of Christ to others as worship to God because Jesus is worthy!


Tactics are methods, the practical means or methods of carrying out the mission and vision. Methods are flexible and may change and be adapted. What follows is therefore a starting point that will develop and change over time.


  •  “Love” is our only ministry. Identity is established in Christ, not through ministry– While we do talk about “methods” or “tactics” of ministry, two things which are really only one have to be established. Our only ministry is to love others in the love of Christ. Without love there is NO ministry, no matter what spiritual gifts we may possess or tactics we may use.  God’s love flows through us as we become established in our identity in Christ. We don’t get our identity from our ministry, our gifts, or how God may use us. We get our identity from Jesus Christ. Ministry is a practical overflow of God’s love that flows from being rooted in Christ to help establish and encourage others in this same gospel reality.
  • Reproducible, Relational, and Participatory Ministry Methods– We model ministry that every believer can attain and emulate at all levels to promote the multiplication of the Kingdom through the ministry of every believer. We are Word directed, Spirit led, and relationally responsive, not program driven. Our priority is not to use people to serve in programs in the church. We are equipping, connecting, and releasing people to serve Christ in the community.
  • Intentional Mentoring– Every new person receives a “sponsor” to help them get established in foundational discipleship.  Mentoring involves more than just teaching. Mentoring is personal training in the context of a supportive personal relationship that provides Modeling (show them), Explanation/Equipping (teach them), Observation (watch them do it with you), Release (support them from a distance as they do it on their own). Mentoring is serving, supporting, and encouraging believers to develop their own relationship with Jesus Christ through dependence upon the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.
  • Mobilize De-centralized/ Relationally connected ministry in Groups of 2 to 4 and Life Teams. Foundational discipleship takes place in groups of 2 to 4. Ongoing discipleship takes place in Life Teams. Life Teams support disciple makers as they mentor newer believers in groups of 2 to 4.
  • Rapid Disciple Multiplication by Foundational Discipleship through personal relationships- Every believer will be equipped with a solid foundation and begin to repeat this process with others within one year through personal mentoring. Foundational Discipleship establishes new believers with the truths and skills to 1. Start in Christ, 2. Grow in Christ, and 3. Reproduce in Christ. Implementation and lifestyle change, not mere knowledge, is the focus for Foundational Discipleship. (It is not uncommon to stay on one lesson for several weeks until implementation has taken place.)

                        -Advantages of Multiplication through mentoring:

                        1. Relevance- foundational equipping essential for new believers, adapted                                                                        to the work of the Holy Spirit in the individual

                        2. Relationships-Enhances personal support and personal pastoral care                                                                            and solidifies assimilation into the body of Christ

                        3. Rapid- New believers can quickly become self-feeding, empowered,                                                                              and equipped for ministry. 

                        4. Responsible- Matures the body of Christ as believers become disciple-                                                              makers

  • Life Teams-Ongoing discipleship will take place in de-centralized Life Teams that function as spiritual families, brothers and sisters in Christ that are watched over by spiritual fathers and mothers. Life Teams are lay-led Christian fellowships, spiritual families, made up of trained disciple-makers (believers who have completed and implemented foundational discipleship training) that meet for ongoing growth, support, encouragement, and mission. Life Teams work together to fulfill the mission of the Kingdom and to multiply disciples.
  • Three Third Meetings- We utilize Three-Thirds Meetings to foster healthy growth in our Discovery Studies, Life Teams, and in Groups of 2 to 4.  In a “Three Thirds” meeting, we divide meetings across three areas of focus to cover the following:
    • Look Back: Prayer and Praise, Review, Share Highlights (for praise and thanks and Challenges (for prayer and support)
      • Lesson:  Vision Casting, Participatory Bible Lesson
        • Look Out: Practicing Ministry Skills, Goal Setting/Planning for Ministry Outreach, Prayer
  • Leadership Multiplication through Apprenticeship–  Every believer will be mentored to become an effective disciple maker. Every Life Team leader will have a goal to apprentice at least 2 future Life Team leaders, spiritual “Fathers and Mothers” who are looking after their spiritual families. Life Team leaders and apprentices will be part of a leadership community which supports ongoing personal development for leaders and connected/coordinated corporate growth.
  • Family and Hospitality– We support the nuclear family and relate to one another as God’s family. We will encourage hospitality. We don’t choose between family and ministry. Ministry starts with family. Ministry also includes the family. We do Kingdom living with our families and include them in a lifestyle of mission, service, and connection in the body of Christ to the degree that it is appropriate and possible.
  • Intentional Compassion– We intentionally engage those trapped in darkness without fear to bring liberty and life to the captives, the helpless, and the hopeless. Every Life Team and/or group of 2 to 4 will be encouraged to prayerfully set goals and to execute a regular plan to advance God’s Kingdom among the lost.
  • Intentional and Diverse Evangelism, Outreach, and Service.  Every believer is included in the command to preach the gospel, live as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, and to make disciples. Therefore, we equip believers in a multitude of approaches to share Jesus intentionally and as a lifestyle to enable every believer to find their unique style. 
  • Some of the approaches & skills equip believers to employ include:
    • Starting and Leading Discovery Bible Studies
    • Sharing Testimonies
    • Power Evangelism
    • Simple Gospel- 3 Circle Gospel Presentation & Good Person Test
    • Friendship Evangelism
    • Interactive Prayer Walking/ Stranger Evangelism
    • Service Outreach/ Evangelism
    • Crisis Intervention/Support Evangelism
    • Basic Apologetics (Answering Objections)
  • Permeating society with the gospel by working through (not against) existing relationship networks- In the New Testament, the gospel spread primarily along the lines of pre-existing relationship networks (friendship circles). We equip believers to saturate new pockets of society with the gospel by adopting this same approach. In other words, instead of trying to pull seekers and new converts out of their pre-existing relationships to get them to come to church (which disconnects them from pre-existing relationships) we place a higher priority on coming alongside seekers and new converts to bring the gospel into “their world” through these relationships, resulting in new groups of disciples, expanding the church organically as an ever increasing network of spiritually and relationally connected believers that permeate all levels of society with the light of Jesus.


  •  Congregation of Spiritual Families- We believe our spiritual families (Life Teams) are central to our congregational life together. Rather than a congregation of individual attenders, we will be a congregation of disciple-making teams (Life Teams). In other words, the congregational meetings exist to strengthen and support the Life Teams and not vice versa. Congregational gatherings are supplements to the main meal, which we “eat” in our life together in spiritual families (Life Teams). As such, we will adjust the frequency and focus of our congregational gathers to maintain this focus.
  • Celebration and Testimony- We will encourage regular public sharing of testimonies to highlight what God is doing through regular believers out in the world as a means of provoking one another to love and good deeds and as an opportunity for celebration, praise and thanksgiving to God. We celebrate steps of love and obedience, not merely “success”.
  • Unleash the Power of God’s Word by employing a balanced mix of preaching, teaching, and practical equipping. As a general practice, we will preach through complete books or longer  sections of Scripture to help us to be faithful and balanced in our teaching by requiring us to address passages and topics in context as they arise in the Word and not merely play to our own biases. Furthermore, we will have regular opportunities for Questions and Answer sessions so that issues that are important and relevant to the congregation can be addressed. Lastly we will also have regular sessions of hands-on-training that will impart skills that are important to the Christian life and ministry so that we are practically equipped with the know-how to be effective in our faith and not merely people who hear the Word. 
  • Christ-centered ministry- Jesus Christ is the center of God’s plan, the fullness of God’s self-revelation, as well as the foundation, center, head, supply, and connection of His body, the church. Paul said, “I preach Christ, to present everyone complete in Christ.” We don’t merely preach Bible verses, or Scriptural principles. We preach a living and present Savior, a glorious fully divine and amazingly human person, who is our Lord, our Savior, our Prophet, our Priest and our King, the one through whom and for whom all things exist, who is Alpha and Omega, in whom is hidden all the wisdom of God, who has become to us righteousness, sanctification, salvation, healing, deliverance, provision, protection, and joy, the one who now, by the Holy Spirit, dwells in us to live through us, our hope of glory, the one whom God says IS our life, our true identity to the Father and one another, in whom are all the promises of God fulfilled, through whom we have been redeemed, adopted, and eternally blessed… we preach Jesus Christ, that we may know Him and be found in Him, in the power of His resurrection, in the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to sacrificial obedience to the Father and love for His enemies… He is our ALL in ALL. As such, Jesus Christ shall be central in our lives, our ministry, and our messages, so that every topic from every verse in Scripture is seen in it’s connection to Him, for He Himself is the very Word of God made flesh.
  • Christ-centered Authentic Contemporary expressions of Musical Worship, Media, and Arts- We are not in the entertainment business and congregational assemblies are not a show. However, creativity can be a powerful expression of God’s glory when done in the right spirit and combined with authenticity, virtue, and truth. We will worship God in Spirit and truth with songs, hymns, and spiritual songs with percussion, strings, all manner of instruments, and voices. Songs that express God’s Word through the Holy Spirit must also flow from our heart. Therefore, we value corporate musical expression that fosters, supports, and expresses authentic heart-engagement with God over the performance itself, and value spiritual substance over tune or technique. Dance and drama can also have a place in expressing our hearts to God and portraying Biblical truths to illustrate the gospel. Visual arts (painting, graphic arts, videography, photography, etc.) can also inspire devotion to God. We embrace it all but allow all artistic expression to be directed, governed, and limited to the degree that God’s glory rather than our performance, remains the focus. We will remain ever dependent upon the work of the Holy Spirit through the gospel to grow the church and refuse to be caught up in “entertaining the flesh”, or trying to attract attenders by a “good showing in the flesh”, nor on the other hand will we be held back in our congregation by fear of man that is rooted in religious tradition. Rather, as the Holy Spirit leads, we use our talents to freely express our love for God, to encourage the body, and to demonstrate God’s glorious grace with godly freedom.
  • Body Ministry- We will equip and deploy the body of Christ so that Jesus can express      Himself through His people to respond to God and to minister effectively to one another in love not only as we are scattered, but also as we are gathered corporately.  Centralized expressions of the body are important but the primary focus of our energy will remain focused on living in Christ and the ministry of believers out in the world.  We will adjust our corporate gatherings to maximize our effectiveness at making disciples.

Both Centralized and De-centralized

  • Love One Another as Christ Loved Us- We seek to live in contrast to the self-centered, consumer oriented, program driven, personally disconnected version of “church” that is often prevalent in today’s modern American church. Instead, we will make growing in the love of Christ our chief aim, which requires authentic Christ-centered relationships and the determination to believe the best of one another, serve one another, to speak the truth in love to one another in the Spirit of Christ, and the determination to forgive one another for our short-comings as we grow in this endeavor. We seek to be vessels of Christ to one another and to treat one another with the honor the gospel requires at all times.
  • Develop Lifestyle of Worship, Communion with God, and Prayer– Without prayer, we work. Through prayer, God works. Prayer, worship, and enjoying fellowship with God is central to our corporate and personal lifestyle.  We are priests unto God and living sacrifices of worship.
  • Radical Generosity- Because God is amazingly generous and people are incredibly selfish, our journey towards godliness involves a radical shift in our hearts that will result in spontaneous, cheerful, and a purposeful lifestyle of generosity with our money, our possessions, our talents, and our hearts. We will foster a lifestyle of overflowing generosity by walking in freedom from greed and selfishness by developing a congregational culture and individual lifestyles in which generosity is clearly motivated by faith and love, not guilt, and empowered by joyful freedom, rather than pressure.
  • Connect and Serve the whole body of Christ Rather than Compete and exclude-  We are a relationally connected movement that transcends organizational and denominational boundaries by focusing on “off campus” expressions of the church, decentralized ministry in homes, coffee shops, the streets, and the market place.  We promote Christ, not ourselves, and the building of His Kingdom, not “our own” ministry.  We happily connect, serve, and honor believers on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ regardless of whether they are “part of our ministry” or not. While many who participate in this ministry identify this as “their church” others remain connected in their won local churches. We encourage people to remain part of their current local church and to participate to whatever degree they want and to freely implement what they learn from us in their own context. We build up and bless the whole body of Christ with a Kingdom-minded perspective and expect the “water level” to rise for the whole region as a result.
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The Way Up is Down

Every living thing grows. If you are a born again Christian, God intends for you to “grow in respect to your salvation” and to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” and “to bear much fruit”. This implies spiritual growth, progress, and forward momentum.

One of our great challenges regarding spiritual growth is our carnal mindsets that tend to view godly virtues as something that we can attain through self-improvement for God instead of by partaking of God Himself. Nowhere is this more apparent (or spiritually deadly) than when it comes to the mysterious virtue of humility.

Let me illustrate. If someone were to ask you to teach them about humility, what would you say? What does humility look like, act like, etc.? Think about it. What comes to your mind when you think of humility?

For many, they think of a passive person, who avoids all conflict and becomes a door mat for all to trample. That is NOT genuine humility. Others think of a self-depreciating person. “Oh I’m nothing without God (as if you are ever without God… Hint: you’re not!).”

Before my own mind was renewed, I was trying so hard to be humble, every genuine compliment became an ordeal. “Brother Andy, we really enjoyed your lesson today.” Quickly I’d retort, “Oh, it wasn’t me. It was the Lord. He gets all the glory.” Hint: While it’s good to give God ALL the glory, 1) most people already know that you’re nothing special apart from His grace. They are just wanting to let you know that they saw Jesus working through you, and 2) God is just fine with using you and you enjoying being a blessing to others! That’s not pride. That’s joy! As the apostle John wrote, “we are writing these things so that our joy may be complete.” God wants us to enjoy being a vessel of His Kingdom!

So what is humility? Why is it important? And how can we grow in humility?

1) Humility is Jesus Christ! It’s Him, His very nature and essence. Yes, the very Jesus who is getting in the face of Pharisees and disciples to take on hell is the essence of humility! Jesus Christ knew who He was, knew His Father, and was ready to do the will of the Father from a heart of love and faith. That’s humility.

2) Humility is important because it is the only way to enter into God’s destiny for your life (which is to become like Jesus Christ.) James says, “Humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God, that God may exalt you in due time.” Many people are trying to bypass the cross and to reach their destiny without humbling themselves in God’s presence trusting in God to bring us to His destiny for our lives. Jesus could only enter into glory through the way of the cross. We must follow Him. We must be willing to set our concern for other people’s opinion aside and do the will of God even when it hurts and brings no immediate worldly benefit.

3) The way to grow in humility is to pursue Jesus Christ Himself. When we pursue “humility” as if it is something apart from Jesus Christ, it always results in frustration. It’s like trying to pick up mercury with your fingers. If you try to pick it up directly, it just squirts all over the place. The best way to pick up mercury is to put it inside of something and then pick up the container. Jesus Christ is the container that is filled with humility! Fall so in love with Him that you fall out of love for yourself. Embracing the path of following Him allows you to remain close to Him and to surrender your own personal rights in order to love God and love others in His power. That’s the path forward. The way up is down!

So humility is not some “religious virtue” attained by wearing drab clothing and becoming passive, spiritual marshmallows. It’s dropping our self-centered way of living to make Jesus Christ the center, source, and focus of all that we do. It’s what happens inside of us as we rise up to walk like sons of God in the power and love of Jesus Christ.

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The Path to Greater Things

Once a believer understands that Jesus actually knows what He is talking about when He said, “Whoever believes in Me will do the works that I have been doing and even greater because I go to the Father,” (Jn. 14:20), the adventure of walking in the fullness of Jesus Christ begins in earnest.

Now you believe that Jesus can do His works through you. So, if you don’t see those supernatural works that you were believing for, questions arise, such as, “Why didn’t we get what Jesus paid for in that situation? What is wrong? Is it me? The devil? God?”

Thankfully, in the Word of God, we have Jesus’ very own response to this very question from His disciples. Recorded for us in Matthew 17 and Mark 9, we have the story of a father who brings his son to Jesus’ disciples for healing. The disciples were unable to get the boy free but Jesus was able. So they asked Jesus, “Why were we not able to cast the demon out?”  In Jesus’s response to this situation and the disciples question, Jesus lays out to us the path to see manifestations of the Kingdom tomorrow that we didn’t see to day.

Here are several keys that lay out the path to grow in the supernatural manifestations of the Kingdom.

1) Don’t get it twisted!  When Jesus was approached by the poor boy’s father to learn that His disciples did not get this boy set free, Jesus groaned at the state of the hearts of His disciples, “O faithless and twisted generation, how long am I to be with you?”  We are so quick to get things twisted around when things don’t easily go our way. We can quickly assume that God is the reason for delays and hindrances to healing.   We twist things around. We overestimate our faith and underestimate God’s goodness. We wrongly assume that God has become the ally of sickness  against us. We make ourselves the victims, and in so doing, we make God the villain. That’s twisted!  So Jesus groans.  Even today inside of us, the Spirit groans.

2) Watch Jesus to see God.  Jesus didn’t allow Himself to stay frustrated. The groaning of the Spirit moved Jesus into action. Do you see how quickly Jesus moves on to heal the boy? That’s God. The disciples would have messed up if they had assumed that “it wasn’t God’s timing” for healing, or “sometimes God says no when we pray”.  No! God’s not our problem. He wants to use us to set people free. He’s not the source of the hindrance for healing. God is never our trouble. He’s our help in times of trouble. God wanted the boy healed, but God must do His work through a person. In Jesus, we see what God is able and willing to do through any person.

3) See the path forward. When the disciples asked, “Why could we not cast it out?” this implies that the disciples had actually tried to cast it out unsuccessfully. Then they saw that Jesus had done it without much of a problem. But why not them? What was the difference? Was there anything they could do to see victory in the future, or was this just beyond the limits of what God would do for them? Jesus’s answer was intended to bring hope, not condemnation or shame. We should take His instruction in that light.  He is not rubbing our nose in the failures of the past. He is calling us forward, into His greater works.

4) Learn to release God’s power and act in God’s authority with confidence. Jesus said that their faith was too little, but then He says that faith the size of a mustard seed is enough. So which is it? Do we need more faith or just a little faith? In a way, faith is like gasoline in a car. If the car has gasoline, the engine works powerfully, but once it runs out, you’ll know. Nothing moves. The car doesn’t care whether there is a full tank or just some fumes. If there is any gas, the engine will work.  When faith is flowing, God’s power is released. Just a little will do, but it has to be real.

We don’t need more of what we think is faith. We need just a little bit of what Jesus calls faith.  In this situation, they reached the limits of their faith. It had been enough to get plenty of other people free, but in this situation, the “mountain” wasn’t moving. Why?  This is the point where most people assume the issue is God, which Jesus has already shown us is not the right way to look at this.

According to Jesus, faith actually releases the power of God.  Faith speaks with authority and mountains actually move. There is a spiritual reality to faith that is evident. There is real content delivered that impacts the situation.  Faith allows you to act in oneness with God and God to act in oneness with you.  It’s more than acting on your belief system. When faith is really exercised, there is an actual spiritual release of God’s power into this world. This is the way forward for us.

5) Eliminate impossibilities. Jesus knew that the disciples had reached their limits in this situation. Their faith was too small.  I’m sure they believed that God could do it. After all nothing is too difficult for Him.  But this isn’t this issue. According to Jesus, faith would allow them to eliminate what seemed impossible to them. Faith brings us into union with God, so that what is possible for God is also possible for us because we actually see that we are one through Jesus Christ.  While it’s easy to agree that this is true because we see this truth in the Bible, we still need the reality of  operation of the Holy Spirit in us.  How?  If the path forward is this kind of faith, how do we get that?

6) Adopt a lifestyle of eternal communion with God.  In Mark 9:29, Jesus gives the disciples instruction about how to remove their unbelief, to untwist their heart, and eliminate the impossibilities that kept them from seeing the Kingdom manifested.  “This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer.”   I don’t believe Jesus was telling them how to drive out a demon as much as He was showing them how to drive out unbelief and the things in them that were blocking the Kingdom.  Demons don’t block the Kingdom.  Twisted disciples do. Twisted? Yes. They had made their problems bigger than God. They needed eternal things to be more real to them. They needed more exposure to the radioactive power of God’s glory. Then they would glow. God wasn’t able to work through them to the degree that this situation required until God was more to them.  They didn’t need “more of God”, but God needed more of them. He needed to occupy more space in their hearts and minds.  These guys were all twisted up, doubtful, hesitating, defeated.

But the good news for them and for us is that no one has to stay there. There is a solution; prayer, real prayer, spiritual communion with God in eternal realms, gazing upon His glory, listening to His Word, being absorbed with His heart.  Wasn’t this the source of Jesus’ works? “The Son can do nothing apart from the Father.” “The Son can only do what I hear from my Father.” etc.

Brothers and sisters, we can learn to release God’s power by exercising faith. We can adopt God’s confidence in every situation. We can give ourselves over to God in greater ways. We don’t have to let what defeated us yesterday whip us ever again! When we give ourselves over to God in greater ways, then we will see greater works take place in our lives.  This is the path forward that Jesus has laid out for each one of us. May God give us the grace to walk it. Amen!


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Team Avalanche

TeamAvalancheFull Speed Impact is a proud partner with Team Avalanche, a global ministry dedicated to mobilizing believers to heal birth defects in Jesus’ Name. Founded and directed by Margaret Weishuhn, Team Avalanche equips parents and grandparents to minister healing to the loved ones who have been impacted with birth defects.   You can learn more about Team Avalanche at their website HERE

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Learning to Fly by “Training Prayer”

Track Training Struggle can be good.  No athlete arrives at top performance except by engaging in a constant struggle. A butterfly has to struggle to spread it’s wings or it will never fly.  Some struggling is a sign of growth.  The Spirit of God is always at war against our flesh, seeking to exert His dominion so that “those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” (Rom. 5:17, NASB)  We are called to manifest the reigning life of Jesus Christ that resides within us.  If it comes out spontaneously in a sudden burst of power and revelation, great.  If not, it’s time to fight!

I meet a lot of “fighters”.  I recently got an email from someone who came to one of my Divine Healing Training conferences.   She wrote, “ I am struggling with fear of asking people to pray with them and what they will think. I was wondering if you could tell me how to get over that and work through it.  I really fully believe in it and I feel I am lead to be doing it, pretty much everywhere we are…”

Do you see the fighter insider of her?  Inside you? I see wings are waiting to be unfurled so that we can fly!

Here’s my response her that I hope will help you.  “I’d like to suggest  you begin to do something I call “training prayer”.  Just add this to the arsenal of tools you can employ to unleash the Kingdom.  I’d like to suggest that you actually practice approaching and ministering to people when you are ALONE.  How?  Get before the Lord and  by faith begin to imagine a situation that is an opportunity for ministry.  But instead of allowing fear to close you down, you’re going to walk through this scenario victoriously before the Lord.  Begin to tell God what you’re going to do and say when you see someone.  SAY IT OUT LOUD.  Step by step, walk and talk it through.  Allow the Holy Spirit to “train your hands for war”.  I know it may sound weird, but it can help you get used to yourself allowing the Holy Spirit to act boldly and heal the sick.   You need to learn how to dance with your Divine partner.    You guys are co-workers and it’s important that you learn to work together.

A training session might go something like this… “Thank you Father that you are with me wherever I go.  As I’m shopping (you’re imagining yourself out shopping), you are with me.  I’m never just a consumer.  I’m an ambassador of Jesus Christ.  (Imagine seeing someone with a cane) When I see a sick person with a cane, I know that you’ve given me the authority and power to heal the sick.  Thank you Jesus for your compassion for them.  You’ve accomplished a completed work of healing for them.  You live inside of me so I walk over to them in your compassion expecting you to heal their bodies through me.  I’m not worried about possible rejection or what they think of me, because I know what you think of me.  It’s not about me.  It’s about you and your love for them. I’m glad to be a vessel of your Holy Love for this person.  Like the Father ran to his prodigal, I go to them with grace and kindness, and say, “Hi. How are you today? I noticed your cane. Are you in any pain?  As they speak to me, I listen.  Even though they are not used to talking with strangers, I reassure them as you lift up your countenance upon me.  You are my peace.  I say to them, “I believe God loves you and wants you healed, so I’d love to pray for you briefly.  I’m going to put my hand on your shoulder and God’s going to touch you.  Thank you Father, that when I touch them, you touch them.  Pain must go as your Holy SPirit rushes into them.  I speak the word of faith and say, Right now, body be made whole.  All pain Go! In Jesus’ Mighty Name.   And I tell them to move because I want them to see what you’ve done.  They move and the pain will be gone!  I praise you for healing the lame through me.  I praise you for healing those oppressed by pain through me!”  Praise God in advance for healings, salvations, etc. Rejoice that God is using you for this all around your city.  etc.

Once you’ve done this a while, this is also good place to look ybutterfly-emergingour fears in the face and make them bow the knee to Jesus.   Pray through through a scary “what if”.   What if they say, “No!”  What if they aren’t healed immediately?  What if they think I’m weird? etc.  You’ll find out in advance that “No” really doesn’t hurt, their opinion is NOT my identity.   It just shows you that their soul is bound in fear and darkness, so you can intercede for them.. These hurting  people are worth the risk and it’s a good thing to join in the fellowship of sharing in Christ’s suffering, etc.”

Speaking in faith leads to walking in faith.  “Train yourself for the purpose of godliness”  Put this into practice and you’ll be flying in no time!

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