Learning to Fly by “Training Prayer”

Track Training Struggle can be good.  No athlete arrives at top performance except by engaging in a constant struggle. A butterfly has to struggle to spread it’s wings or it will never fly.  Some struggling is a sign of growth.  The Spirit of God is always at war against our flesh, seeking to exert His dominion so that “those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” (Rom. 5:17, NASB)  We are called to manifest the reigning life of Jesus Christ that resides within us.  If it comes out spontaneously in a sudden burst of power and revelation, great.  If not, it’s time to fight!

I meet a lot of “fighters”.  I recently got an email from someone who came to one of my Divine Healing Training conferences.   She wrote, “ I am struggling with fear of asking people to pray with them and what they will think. I was wondering if you could tell me how to get over that and work through it.  I really fully believe in it and I feel I am lead to be doing it, pretty much everywhere we are…”

Do you see the fighter insider of her?  Inside you? I see wings are waiting to be unfurled so that we can fly!

Here’s my response her that I hope will help you.  “I’d like to suggest  you begin to do something I call “training prayer”.  Just add this to the arsenal of tools you can employ to unleash the Kingdom.  I’d like to suggest that you actually practice approaching and ministering to people when you are ALONE.  How?  Get before the Lord and  by faith begin to imagine a situation that is an opportunity for ministry.  But instead of allowing fear to close you down, you’re going to walk through this scenario victoriously before the Lord.  Begin to tell God what you’re going to do and say when you see someone.  SAY IT OUT LOUD.  Step by step, walk and talk it through.  Allow the Holy Spirit to “train your hands for war”.  I know it may sound weird, but it can help you get used to yourself allowing the Holy Spirit to act boldly and heal the sick.   You need to learn how to dance with your Divine partner.    You guys are co-workers and it’s important that you learn to work together.

A training session might go something like this… “Thank you Father that you are with me wherever I go.  As I’m shopping (you’re imagining yourself out shopping), you are with me.  I’m never just a consumer.  I’m an ambassador of Jesus Christ.  (Imagine seeing someone with a cane) When I see a sick person with a cane, I know that you’ve given me the authority and power to heal the sick.  Thank you Jesus for your compassion for them.  You’ve accomplished a completed work of healing for them.  You live inside of me so I walk over to them in your compassion expecting you to heal their bodies through me.  I’m not worried about possible rejection or what they think of me, because I know what you think of me.  It’s not about me.  It’s about you and your love for them. I’m glad to be a vessel of your Holy Love for this person.  Like the Father ran to his prodigal, I go to them with grace and kindness, and say, “Hi. How are you today? I noticed your cane. Are you in any pain?  As they speak to me, I listen.  Even though they are not used to talking with strangers, I reassure them as you lift up your countenance upon me.  You are my peace.  I say to them, “I believe God loves you and wants you healed, so I’d love to pray for you briefly.  I’m going to put my hand on your shoulder and God’s going to touch you.  Thank you Father, that when I touch them, you touch them.  Pain must go as your Holy SPirit rushes into them.  I speak the word of faith and say, Right now, body be made whole.  All pain Go! In Jesus’ Mighty Name.   And I tell them to move because I want them to see what you’ve done.  They move and the pain will be gone!  I praise you for healing the lame through me.  I praise you for healing those oppressed by pain through me!”  Praise God in advance for healings, salvations, etc. Rejoice that God is using you for this all around your city.  etc.

Once you’ve done this a while, this is also good place to look ybutterfly-emergingour fears in the face and make them bow the knee to Jesus.   Pray through through a scary “what if”.   What if they say, “No!”  What if they aren’t healed immediately?  What if they think I’m weird? etc.  You’ll find out in advance that “No” really doesn’t hurt, their opinion is NOT my identity.   It just shows you that their soul is bound in fear and darkness, so you can intercede for them.. These hurting  people are worth the risk and it’s a good thing to join in the fellowship of sharing in Christ’s suffering, etc.”

Speaking in faith leads to walking in faith.  “Train yourself for the purpose of godliness”  Put this into practice and you’ll be flying in no time!

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