About Us

Full Speed Impact exists to impact the nations by bringing the fullness of the love and power of Jesus Christ to the lost, the last and the least.

  • We reveal the unspeakable riches of Christ Jesus as the life and identity and authority of every believer.
  • We equip the church to advance the Kingdom of God by effective evangelism that includes both sharing the message of Jesus Christ and demonstrating His power and compassion.
  • We empower people to experience and express union with God through Jesus Christ.
  • We start, support, and encourage the formation  and function of discipleship groups.
  • We partner with Christian ministries to mobilize teams and multiply Kingdom resources to touch the needs of the world.  As we minister, we remember the poor and are part of feeding over 10,000 orphans around the world each month.

Andy Hayner
Founder & President
Full Speed Impact

Full Speed Impact is a ministry founded by Andy Hayner to equip Christians to walk in their union with Jesus Christ. Andy is a prophetic teacher that imparts apostolic vision with a pastors heart. Andy travels widely under a commission to proclaim the unspeakable riches of Christ to all nations. Wherever he goes, believers enter into greater levels of intimacy with their heavenly Father and begin to share the gospel as part of their daily life. Andy coaches believers to effectively reach people who are uninterested in church so believers can become effective “everyday missionaries”. Andy regularly takes teams on mission trips around the world. Andy has over 25 years of ministry experience, including pastor, church planter, and missionary. Andy lives in La Vergne, TN and serves as ordained minister through Impact Ministries International, which feeds over 10,000 orphans each month world-wide.


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